Cracy About Tech

The theme of this year’s Techcracy conference is “IE – The Eyes and Ease of Digital and Tech.


We have considered how creativity is fast becoming a focal point in the digital space. There are millions of websites competing for eyeballs, and brands have had to become increasingly innovative and creative to ensure that they gain and keep the top spots on search engines like Google. These brands want to get AND keep the attention of every viewer who visits their website, because each one of these visitors is a potential customer. By keeping a visitor’s eyes on the webpage for longer, brands are ensured more opportunities to market their products and services to these potential clients.


However, brands can sometimes be a little too creative, which complicates their websites and campaigns, and this ultimately detracts from their core focus. Thus, an imperative part of the overall plan is how brands are making things easier for their online audience. Are they offering a product or service that adds value to the lives of their clients? Do they have an easy navigational system on their website? Are they offering an easy-to-use product in an easy-to-read manner?


These factors are all imperative matters which require in-depth analysis and consideration. This is why the theme for this year’s Techcracy Conference is: The I’s (read this as Eyes) and E’s (read this as Ease) of Digital and Tech.