Companies To Consider

There are two companies that we would like to highlight, which have both met various aspects for consideration.  We analysed each of these brands and found that although they are on different ends of the spectrum, their online presence is worthy of highlighting. Keep your eye on these companies, because they are both going places in the digital world.

Companies That Have All The Right Moves

logoACM Gold offers an online multi-faceted trading platform which clients use to trade forex online. Their clients are both national and international. Clients get to trade forex in a digital arena, with the knowledge that there is a team based in Sandton who are available to help at any time.

The platform works on PC and mobile as a download, or can be used directly on the internet as a no-download option. Their product and website are both easy-to-use, simple to navigate and offer clients an opportunity to trade online without the hassle of a broker.

For these reasons, the ACM Gold brand came to our attention and stayed there. This is a brand that simply must be followed!

Rainbow Racers

rainbowWith a stunning new website, Rainbow Racers brings home the fun! Anyone that wants to book a bumper car racing session, an entire race day or a racing party can do so via their online booking system. There is also an application that allows clients to practice on a virtual race course before hitting the actual track! This way, clients get to experience the fun and learn where all the controls on the bumper cars are, so that they can enjoy their experience at Rainbow Racers without any distractions.

Their website and application are visually astounding, and the user experience is one to behold.

Based on these factors, Rainbow Racers hit the top of our list for creativity!